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Sustainable future Trendy rooms for environmentally conscious individualists

Sustainability is currently much more than just a buzzword. It's a program, or rather a lifestyle, for me even a life's work!

The trend is a response to our highly consumer and growth-oriented society. Without growth, our community seems to be reaching its limits. However, we know that growth also uses more energy and resources every year and produces more waste and toxins. However, this means that consumption must double every 25 years, otherwise our economic system will collapse and our welfare state will be in real trouble.

Everyone knows it, but few address the real problem: Not the green economy, no amount of technological innovation, no matter how promising, will be able to stop the drastic reduction in biodiversity, the exploitation of resources and ultimately climate change.

It's just renunciation!

No politician would be allowed to pursue politics for long if he openly told us this bad news! Because neither in the western democracies nor in Russia, China, Brazil or India would the people allow themselves to practice renunciation in order to save the world! But we all know, you and I too!

But I'm not a politician and for me there is no Planet B. I also like where I live right now and would like to be able to show my children and grandchildren the diversity and liveliness.

But is giving up really that painful? What if we just give up fads and buy less junk? Or if we buy long-lasting, healthy things that really make sense and that we will still need tomorrow? Otherwise we could ask our neighbor if we are sorry.

Hence my appeal @everyone: if you are renovating, realigning, rearranging and furnishing your home: take your time when choosing the materials. Choose living products that speak to you. Choose healthy colors and shapes that shake you up and inspire you and at the same time challenge you to direct your perception towards meaningful and conscious thoughts every day.

Your home then becomes a living, true place that strengthens you in your being. In this sense, growth is possible without consuming more.


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