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Natural stone serpentine green: The diverse possibilities for the residential area

Serpentinites are metamorphic rocks

The source rock protolith reaches ever greater depths. There, the high pressure and the resulting high temperatures, with the help of large amounts of water that are bound in the rock, form the sought-after rock.

The colors

They are generally known as strong green materials in various shades. Some of them are burgundy to reddish brown and even dark brown. There are also black, black-green and shades of light green varieties.

Occurrence of serpentinite rocks

Relatively small-scale with limited extent along continental plate edges as well as fracture zones and fold mountains. In South Tyrol we find the rock on the Burgumer Alm in the Pfitschtal.

Meaning and Usage

Serpentine - Latin for snake, with its green color reminiscent of a mystical mythical creature. A mottled, veined or striped appearance is characteristic.

It gives a feeling of closeness to nature, peace, has a protective effect and ensures inner peace and serenity. The ultra-basic rock (containing less than 45% silicon dioxide) is also a very soft rock and that's exactly how it feels when we stand on it

barefoot or rub our palm over it. That's why it's often used in arts and crafts, as jewelry, etc

It is important for me as an interior designer, for floor or wall paneling in the interior. It is not suitable for outdoor use - it is not weatherproof.

In terms of price, however, the high-quality rock is also at a high price. That's why I like to use it specifically in certain areas.

In my current project I can use this rock, which was formed in the depths of our earth, as a kitchen countertop and in the bathroom as a sink base.

The knowledge and history of this deep rock touches me deeply. My life's work is to create meaningful and conscious spaces - being able to work with such materials fills me with meaning and responsibility:

The liveliness and truthfulness that arises from the use of such materials in space influences our own liveliness and truthfulness. I am deeply convinced that this investment is always worth it.

PROJECT St. Vigil in Enneberg, project ends December 23rd


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