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Once upon a time there was an Erdman....

November 2019

Here I tell you the story of how I got my name - Mr. Earth Man - and how it really overwhelmed me: nome est omen

It was November 21, 2019. The heavy snowfalls had thrown the entire Puster Valley into a state of emergency. Large-scale power failure, roadblocks, public and private facilities had to close. The civil defense proclaimed the status "BRAVO" for all of South Tyrol.

I remember well how I followed the event from home in Vahrn and how a few old memories from my childhood made themselves felt. I smiled.

I drank a cup of coffee and watched the snowflakes fall incessantly to the ground. I tried again to find a name for my company. All previous designations did not really convince me and it was about time to make a decision. After all, I wanted to start my venture at the beginning of the year and there was still a lot to do until then: logo, founding, strategy paper and much more.

After the unsuccessful brainstorming, I decided to turn my attention to something more tangible. I was looking for a cabinet in the kitchen that would give structure to the space. However, it could not be too high, had to have exactly the right dimensions and should be antique and painted. It should serve as storage space, demarcation and as a transition for the living room. Finally, it had to match the other antique and painted armoire that my family had inherited. And of course it should cost little. So all in all a very difficult task.

So I tried my luck again on the well-known portals, rather listlessly, because I didn't have high hopes of finding anything. But after a few minutes, by sheer coincidence, I came across an advertisement that aroused my interest. The photos were of poor quality, but I liked what I saw. The dimensions were also correct. 15 minutes later I was already there, negotiated the price and stowed the piece of furniture in the car. The streets were empty and I was glad to have my Toyota RAF 4 with allroad drive. When I got home, the neighbor helped me upstairs with the piece of furniture. I put it up and it fit perfectly the first time.

It was dark where I picked it up, the building was almost uninhabited and the owners were in a hurry. I didn't have much time to take a closer look at the good piece. As so often, I followed my instinct and made a quick decision. After positioning it in its new spot, I began cleaning the closet thoroughly and was very pleased with my bargain. The piece of furniture was made especially for me. Everything was just as I imagined. However, that wasn't all the gold piece had to offer. And I only noticed that now.

On the front, written in beautiful curved letters.

Simon Erdman - Mr. Earth Man

Year 1850

I was blown away: on that snowy November day, I received two gifts.

I do not beliefe in coincidences!


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